MÖTEN – Leksands Folkhögskolas Slututställning 2021

Sea-Van Rachel


Nice to Meet you.

I am origanlly from israel and i have an amazing oppertunity
to study here in sweden,
i will carry those moments for the rest of my life.

I have special love for nature and creation.
I try to find a way of expression in natural
and sustainable materials.
All my life is a big process of learning and developing.
I like nature, poetry, oriental music,
home made food [specially vegan],
open space and open heart.
I like silence and deep conversations, fireplace and herbal tea.
I like to walk barefoot and feel the earth.
I like to meet other cultures, people, wisdom and other traditional ways of creating and living.
I always search the wisdom behind all things and I truly believe that there is big heart that connect us all.
I am searching for peace between the pieces of my heart,
and with meeting the others.
More I grow up, more I feel like a child
that discover the world for the first time.

From Piece to Peace

I am very connected to craft and i feel the materials around me.
They have a big impact on ourselves, the elements and materials we create with,
that surrounded us
Have energy that affect us deeply.
Its can make me feel stress or peaceful
its can be pleasant or unpleasant.
This is the how it for me at least
So I try to find materials that their existence and energy make me feel calm and peaceful.
Usually its natural materials that doesn’t harm anyone on the way its have been produced.
And one of them is natural paper.
Handmade paper.