Xia Meng

instagram @the_ordinary_forms

  • Divine


    Konstnär / Artist: Xia Meng

    Earthenware wood fired, slap building sculpture. In your body, there holds a space which is constantly changing. Embrace that.

  • Thoughts Combined

    Thoughts Combined

    Konstnär / Artist: Xia Meng

    Metal bronze, earthenware wood firing; A vase, a jar, a candle holder.

  • Portraits


    Konstnär / Artist: Xia Meng

    Earthenware wood fired.
    What you see in those portraits is your creation. Therefore my artwork is a collaboration with you which changes with each viewer.

  • Innocent


    Konstnär / Artist: Xia Meng, Benjamin Ching

    Stoneware, wheel thrown and hand built.

    collaboration with Benjamin Ching (throwing)

  • Open text

    Open text

    Konstnär / Artist: Xia Meng