Esther Simon

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  • The magnet crash

    The magnet crash

    Konstnär / Artist: Esther Simon

    Sterling silver and magnet stone (sand casting).

    A meteorite-like crash of a magnet stone into silver mass.

  • What do you see?

    What do you see?

    Konstnär / Artist: Esther Simon

    Casted sterling silver necklace with moss agate and carnelian stone.

    The necklace is inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Every single square frame is carved by hand to give it the appropriate expression. In the middle of the necklace is a stone setting, designed to evoke the viewer’s imagination.

    What do you see in it? If you like, write it down and let me know.

  • Don’t let go!

    Don’t let go!

    Konstnär / Artist: Esther Simon

    Bronze formed with Sculpey and casted in sand.

    The hands serve as both the pendant and the clasp, ingeniously allowing the necklace to open when they release each other. This unique cohesion defines the necklace and enhances its wearability.

    Photo (on model): Christian Habetzeder

  • “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

    “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

    Konstnär / Artist: Esther Simon

    Silver, bronze (copper handles). Carved in wax/investment casting.

    These vases are inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman empires and were created by accident. I initially envisioned them as silver earrings, and in my pursuit to alleviate their weight, I hollowed them out. However, in the process, the vase became too thin at one spot, causing it to break when I poured the plaster into the casting mold. I consider this a blessing in disguise. The vase acquired an even more ancient character and led me to the idea of creating a whole collection of broken vases.